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Didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas?
… Then this is the Perfect After-Christmas
Gift for yourself!

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Treat yourself!

All New Beautiful Wood Planters With Drainage

We all love beautiful wood furniture. But before now, wood planters were not practical. Stand With Nature has revolutionized wooden indoor planters.

Our patent-pending Wooden Planter with Drainage makes beautiful wood planters practical.

Now you can have the beauty of natural, eco-friendly wood planters in your home and know that your plants will get excellent drainage.

Due to their trapezoid design, they have an ultra-modern yet timeless appearance. And they are each lovingly made by hand, the old-fashioned way, with craftsmanship.

You will have wood planters you can enjoy for many years to come!

We want you to have healthy and happy plants

Here at Stand With Nature we want you to not only have beautiful wood planters for your plant babies, but also we want your plant babies to be healthy and grow well. That’s why we are including our Amazing Super-Concentrated Kelp Fertilizer and our stainless steel aerator..

Amazing Super-Concentrated Kelp Fertilizer

Stand With Nature’s Amazing Super-Concentrated Kelp Fertilizer really is amazing. We think you’ll be very pleased with using it. And, most importantly, your plant babies will be so, so grateful and happy.

It’s super-concentrated. So you’ll get over 29 gallons from each 4 oz. container. It’s best used as both a foliar (spray mist on the plants leaves) and in the soil/ growing medium.

Best yet, it’s all natural and safe..


Regularly using an aerator on your indoor plants is the secret sauce to healthy indoor plants. In nature, plant roots are aerated by insects, worms, an micro-organisms.

Every other watering you should use an aerator to gently poke holes in the soil around the plants.

You’ll see a huge difference in your houseplants.

The aerator is stainless steel and light weight.

  • ​2 beautiful wood planters
  • ​2 beautiful wood trays
  • ​2 plastic wood liners with drainage
  • ​​2 plastic tray liners

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

As with all of our products, Stand With Nature offers a no-quibble, no questions asked money-back guarantee. Tell us if you are not 100% satisfied with your Stand With Nature 5" Wooden Planters.

We will cheerfully refund your money, with no quibbling, no questions asked, with our 30-day money-back guarantee...

Act Fast

We are currently working on making more. But it would be best to act fast because once they’re gone, they’re gone. Because they’re made lovingly by hand, it takes a while to make them...

What you get

  • ​2 ​Premium Wood Planter With Drainage
  • ​Amazing Super-Concentrated Kelp Fertilizer
  • Stainless Steel Plant Aerator
  • ​​Shipping
  • $209.99 Value
  • ​$29.99 Value
  • $4.99 Value
  • ​​$12.50 Value

Total Value


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But when you buy now, you get our one time Post-Christmas sale, a total value of
$257.47 for the price of:

Only $179.99,
Plus Free Shipping



We’d like to thank you for choosing STAND WITH NATURE™ for your growing journey.

It’s our honor to share and be part of your growing experience.