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Due to the popularity of our planters, we may sell out.
As of
today, we do have a limited supply of Stand With Nature planters IN STOCK and ready to ship in the next 24 hours

The World's Only Functional
& Beautiful Wood Planter That Tells you When to Water Your Plants

Stop guessing when to water, Stand With Nature's "See Soil Liner" tells you exactly when your plants needs water, and provides your plants root system with great drainage and aeration. No more root rot, just lush and healthy plants in a stylish wood planter that looks gorgeous in your home!

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Know exactly when to water your plants with our "see Soil Liners".

Easily lift the "See Soil Liner" out of the planter and immediately see your root system. Know exactly when your plant needs water. No more accidental overwatering and root rot...Think of the time you will save on guessing when to water and the money you will save replacing plants!


Here's some reviews from people who joined our community. We sent them a free planter set and they were so happy with their planter, they wanted to share it with you.

"I really love these. They're amazing planters. You can see the whole root system, you can see the soil, you can know the water level. I highly recommend them.... I can't wait to get some more."

- Abby Kurowski
Raleigh, NC

"They're eco-friendly and absolutely stunning. Gorgeous, very well made, and fantastic. They would make a great gift. I would definitely recommend."

- Jennifer Fanaro,
Palm Beach, FL

"They're beautiful...very nicely made...Top quality. They're gorgeous and they will look really nice inside your home. I just love them."

- Patricia Johnson
San Diego, CA

The Only Stylish Indoor Wood Planter in the World with Great Drainage and aeration

Your plant is only as healthy as it's root system... roots are the foundation of growth for your plant. Most wood planters offer no drainage, while terracotta, plastic, and ceramic planters have minimal drainage at best. Stand With Nature planters have a drainage opening that is both wider and elevated, provide your plants root system with top-of-the-line drainage and aeration.

A Stylish and Modern Indoor Wood Planter that looks gorgeous in your home

Until now, wood planters on the market were poorly made, unfinished, and cheap looking. Stand With Nature planters have a modern trapezoid shape, each handcrafted paulownia wood planter is sanded, stained, and given a smooth gloss finish. Each planter comes with a matching wood tray (removable liners) and cork protectors on the bottom to prevent surface scratches. 

Lightweight premium paulownia wood planters that are built to last

Tired of moving heavy terracotta and ceramic pots in your home? Stand With Nature planters are made from eco-friendly sustainable Paulownia wood, making it easy to move your plants for watering or rearranging in your home anything you like. Paulownia wood is a durable  hardwood that is very lightweight. These planters are built to last for years to come.


But wait, won't soil and water rot the wood planter and destroy it?

Most wood planters you find on the market today either have no drainage (some just have a cheap thin liner, with no drainage which causes root rot) or you just put the soil and plant directly in contact with the wood planter; overtime, this will rot the wood planter from the inside out, destroying the planter. Stand With Nature's "See Soil Liner" ensures that your premium wood planter and matching tray will never touch the soil or water.

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