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Stand With Nature

Premium Indoor Wooden Planters
Designed with Patent-pending
"See Soil Liners"
and a Revolutionary Drainage System


"See Soil Liners"

Your plant is only as healthy as its root system, they're the foundation for growth with everything in life. 

Most wood planters offer no drainage while terracotta, plastic, and ceramics have minimal drainage.

Stand With Nature planters have a discreet drainage opening that will help aerate your plants root system while maintaining a beautiful modern look.

No More Root Rot, Just Lush and Healthy Plants in a Stylish Wood Planter
That Looks Gorgeous in Your Home!

The Only Stylish Indoor Wood Planter 
in the World with Great Drainage and Aeration

Stylish and Modern 

Many wood planters on the market are poorly made, unfinished, and cheap looking. 

Stand With Nature has broken the mold with our beautiful planters. 

Each paulownia planter is meticulously handcrafted; they are sanded, stained, and given a smooth gloss finish.

Both planters come with a matching tray (liner included) with cork feet to prevent any surface scratches.

Premium Lightweight Paulownia Wood
That is Built To Last

Soil and Water Can Rot a Wood Planter and Destroy It

Most wood planters on the market have no drainage and soil will be in contact with the wood...
(or they come with a cheap thin liner).

Overtime, water and soil will erode a planter from the inside out, destroying the wood, and then the whole planter.

Stand With Nature's "See Soil Liner" ensures that through the countless watering's, your new planter will be right there as your plant lives a long and healthy life.

Stand With Nature 
Checks all the Boxes:

  • ​"See Soil Liners" Take all the Guesswork Out of When to Water Your Plants. Grow Bigger Healthier Plants Today!
  • ​Prevents the #1 Killer of Houseplants: Root Rot.
  • ​Beautiful Modern Design Made From Top Quality Paulownia Wood.
  • ​Created with the Environment in Mind, Sustainable Wood and BPA-Free "See Soil Liner".
  • ​Revolutionary Drainage Fosters Air-Purifying Due to the Root Oxygenation Effect, Which Was Confirmed By NASA.

- 2 beautiful 5" wood planters - 2 beautiful wood trays - 2 plastic wood liners with drainage - 2 plastic tray liners - Amazing Super-Concentrated Kelp Indoor Fertilizer (8oz) - Stainless Steel Plant Aerator

$19.99 – free shipping

Two Sets of 2 Planters + 2 FREE Kelp Fertilizers + 2 Aerators

Stand With Nature @2023